Currently the task recorder uses the envum values in the recording. This causes that when the users want to create and run a test, they need always to contact a developer to know what is the enum value in the production environment. To make it much easier for the users to work with enumerations in their task recordings and test automation using the RSAT, it would be great if the translated userfriendly enum texts are present and used instead of the enum values.

See also support request: 119040625000062 which was initially logged to report this issue.
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We wanted to report a closely related idea so I'm posting it here to not duplicate the work - apart from including the text in the recordings, would it be possible to use the actual enum in the unit test created from the recording? So in the unit test in setupData(), instead of generating a variable with a hard-coded enum option number: SampleEnumValue = 1,2,3, use the actual object: SampleEnumValue = SampleEnum::SampleEnumValue?

Category: Common