So many times i see a user drill into the SOP document Enquiry zoom, then drill into look at the quotes and orders/ invoices related to the document in question, by expanding the document number field to open the Sales Document Detail Enquiry Zoom, then they almost always want to view one of the related documents listed there (the whole reason to go in that window).

Both the Master number field and the listed document numbers in the grid are not "copyable" into the clipboard. There is no way to click and copy the document number into the clipboard to paste it back into document enquiry to lookup the document.

Instead I see users scribble down the number on paper or on a sticky note on the other monitor then type it back into enquiry screen having closed all the windows back up.

Would be great to either have a GOTO jump link from those document numbers, that pre-loads the SOP document enquiry window with the master number or document number selected (depending on context) and calls re-display, allowing the user to efficiently check through the hierarchy of documents.
Or even simply the ability to copy them, via a copy button on CNTRL+C or some solution.
Under Review