It would be very useful to be able to specify a different ContextSensitiveHelpPage for each language for which an app is available.

With the original English version being the only option for all languages, possibilities for how to manage documentation is greatly restricted. It is also bad for SEO.

Most CMS's and solutions for publishing documentation online generate a page based on the page's title, which makes sense because the page can then be found more easily by users. However, only being able to use the name of the English version of the page prevents us from using any of those solutions.

Using Markdown works, but it is better suited for developer documentation rather than end user documentation. Technical writers who write end-user documenation are not used to using Markdown because it treats the documentation as code. This means they have to learn how to use a version control system just to be able to write the documentation.

Category: Documentation
Needs Votes
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for this suggestion! Currently this is not on our roadmap. We are tracking this idea and if it gathers more votes and comments we will consider it in the future. Best regards, Business Central Team