We have a  PC which functions as a terminal for clock-in and clock-out is logged on with the user time@xxxxx.com. The pc is set up with autologon and in startup there is a shortcut to the interface for clock-in/clock-out.

This is working fine, but when authentication timeout occurs this will leave the terminal in a non-operable mode until someone clicks the login again and the page refreshes.


We would suggest that Microsoft creates a "Punch Clock App" to be used for terminals clock in/out. Solve the issues with timeouts and the interface would be created for a touch screen.

Ideas Administrator

It is now possible to extend the session time-out limit for select users to a maximum of 90 days. To do so, you must

  1. Enable the (Preview) Enables session management for users feature in Feature management
  2. Go to System administration > Users > User session management and specify the Supply Chain Management user account that is used to sign in to the device, and the number of hours that the session should stay active for.

Extending the user session time-out is available starting from 10.0.20 / Platform Update 44 (July 2021 update), and applies to both the Job card terminal, the Job card device, and the new Production floor execution interface.

For more information, please refer to the Extend the session past 12 hours and User session management.documentation topics. 



Søren Vagn Andersen | Principal Program Manager | Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management | sorenand@microsoft.com



This is causing a lot of problems at our customers as it removes the filters on the terminals in the production. It is a source of great frustration. 

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Have the same problem, and a lot of frustration from our users

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