Microsoft has made available a new functionality to create a sales order from a time and material project with multiple funding sources on a project contract. -
These customers have each a different customer tax group.-
The general parameter
setting on the project module for Project Sales Tax is customer account.-
The general parameter
setting on Default customer on sales order is funding sources
On this basis, I expected that when creating my sales order from the project, I would inherit the tax group of the selected funding source (cf. step by step). This is not the case. For me, this is an oversight.
unlike the "tax group", the "VAT identification number" is correct.

When the customer is trying to create a project with multiple funding resources of different countries with different sales tax. The customer is facing issue when going and selecting the different funding resource other than the default customer in the project. He can see the sales tax of the default customer instead of original sales of for that customer. And the tax-exempt number is remaining same of that customer.
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