Hopefully I'm explaining it good and not sure why this topic doesn't exist already. But Dynamics 365, really just needs a better Document Viewer in general for its SharePoint Integration. For as much as everything else is being baked into Dynamics over the years, Outook, Teams, Copilot, SharePoint I feel continues to get no attention.

The current Document viewer very slow and has immense limitations.

  • Can't drag and drop.
  • Can't view folders in sub grid, only on associated grid. and when in Associated grid, stepping into folders is very slow.
  • Can't view files easily.
  • Can't rename.
  • Basically, can't do anything, its honestly more trouble than it's worth trying to show people this feature, because it's easier to just explain "open up to SharePoint", or customizing a url that does it.

Ether take this Document subgrid out all together or actually improve it. This is one of the biggest things that still makes me hesitant in convincing clients to use SharePoint and Dynamics together, because it integrates with Dynamics. "But does it really?".

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