Please add the following setting items for the work period of the project task. 

* Settings in the Pex web control component 


1) Fixed setting that 1 day = 8 hours ⇒ Time value can be set 

2) In addition, 1 week = 40 hours, 1 month = 160 hours fixed setting, ⇒ time value can be set 

3) When entering only numbers ⇒ Default unit (hours and weeks can be specified) can be set 

4) I want you to display the decimal point as well. Currently, if you say 1.5 hours, it will be displayed as 2 hours, etc. 

5) I want you to be able to specify the man-hours and period respectively. 

Example: Man-hour = 2 days, period (construction period) = 7/1 ~ 7/4. This is a function that can be done with the desktop version.