When there are no transactions (time, expenses or milestones) ready for invoice it is not possible to create an invoice. You can create an invoice manually with function '+ New' but this will create an invoice without Project Based Invoice Lines.

In some cases you want to create an invoice when no actuals are logged and Ready for invoice. In that cases you want to create an invoice manually with 'Project Based Invoice lines' on it. So it is possible to add Invoice Line Details (Invoice Line transactions) of type Time, Expense or Fee to it.
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Could you clarify the scenario when you need a draft project-based invoice when no transactions are avaialble to invoice?



In some situations you want to send a credit invoice without corrected the already sent invoice. In that case you want the possibility to create a Invoice when there are no transactions to invoice. By adding a negative Fee to the project based line you can send a credit invoice to the customer.

Category: Project Invoicing