Suggested Tue, 30 Oct 2018 18:19:42 GMT by Beat BucherNew
Category: Platform - Security

It's been a known issue since the SELF-SERVICE user type was added to GP in 2015R2 (see https://community.dynamics.com/gp/b/dynamicsgp/archive/2015/07/02/draft-microsoft-dynamics-gp-2015-r2-self-service-user-type-new-feature)
Currently only the FULL & LIMITED user types have apparently access to some of the settings in User Preferences.. Also when login thru the Web Client, some features to customize the home page are not available at all.
Comments (2)
  • Self service users in workflow will often be approval levels in management that need to be able to delegate approval. This is an essential for robust functionality for what otherwise would be very limited users.
  • To add to the original request, the SELF-SERVICE user is also bared from modifying / customizing the menu bar in GP .. This should be fixed too in the same code run..