This is suggestion for Retail.
When cashier opens POS then there are presented in top right corner of POS ShiftId and TerminalId in which shift was opened.
In case if Shift was opened in one Terminal and then Suspended and another user Recalls this Shift in another Terminal then original TerminalId in which Shift was opened is presented.
There can be presented both Terminals in top of POS: current TerminalId and TerminalId in which Shift was opened.
Repro steps:
1. Login to terminal Houston-1, open new Shift eg. 12.
2. Suspend shift in Houston-1
3. Login to Terminal-2 and recall shift from Houston-1 terminal
4. Verify that in top right corner there is presented Shift12 and Terminal Houston-1 even if current terminal is Houston-2.
There should be presented Terminal for which Shift was opened and also current TerminsaId.
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Thanks for your feedback. We will continue to review this for consideration/prioritization within our product backlog.   Holly Haines - Principal Program Manager