The "drag and drop-editor" is just a marketing term. It doen't work properly. Please buy or build an e-mail editor that can compete with other Marketing Automation tooling like Pardot, Marketo, Sharpspring or even ClickDimension.

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Thank you for your feedback.

We need some more details to understand your suggestion better. Can you please help us with more details on your ask?

We are adding more an more rich editing capabilities and the email editing experience in Dynamics 365 Marketing is very good. Please give it a try.






Hi all

The editor has been updated so the collumns and sections can have a margin and padding

Still the HTML editor does not meet the modern standard for e-mail marketing

We need the following possibilities

Tekst styles for each seperate section or column
Like font, color and size

H1 , H2, H3 etc. styling options

Letter spacing and line spacing

Change the color of the bullet list

More image styling options

When you select the two or three colomn the possibility to adjust the size of each column

Style the text elements
Style the image elements


Mariette Jansen

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We need the ability to add a common set of styles on the layout, section, AND element levels, including but not limited to:
- border
- border width
- border style
- width and height
- margins
- padding

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More examples are:
- padding between elements
- more flexible call to action buttons, i.e. define for each CTA if it should be angular/rounded down
- define with one click if your header image should contain spacing to the left and right border of the email

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A few tiny, detailed examples:

1. We need the ability to layer items. I want to add a background image, put an icon over it, and then text on top or to the side of that.

2. We need responsive designs, for email.

3. The design I see in the email editor is different than the email I get and even different again in the "text version" - Specifically the spacing between images.

4. I want to add/remove/merge columns and/or rows

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HubSpot has the best editor. The templates in D365 for Marketing are also cumbersome at best or counter-productive at worst. Overall, usability is very problematic.

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