"Embedded Knowledge Search" in Customer Service feature is good for Field Service engineers. Lots of standard Entities can add "Embedded Knowledge Search", so I'd like to add it on Work Order, too.
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Thanks for raising this idea. We love the idea of adding more knowledge capabilities within Field Service but we are not sure if it makes sense to have this knowledge search on Work Order when so many work orders are started from a case. It seems that the scenarios from Work Order where you would search for knowledge during creation are the reactive type work order, which are the ones most likely coming from a Case. For proactive work orders coming from maintenance scenarios, it doesn't seem like such a function would add much additional value.

We're open to the idea so let's see if this gets more feedback and votes.

Thanks, again.

Jason Cohen
PM - Dynamics 365 Field Service



Actually for some use cases it does make sense, but as a general approach it may help with provideing more flexibility in how enterprises are using your platform and how they apply existing processes in your solution. Example as follows:
We create cases automatically and we map work orders to cases in a 1 to 1 scenario.
We automatically assign the work orders based on SLAs, tech availability and user preference etc.
We also automatically populate knowledge in Dynamics 365 from external systems, because of the multitude of systems that the techs need to act upon.
Our techs work directly inside the work order, using "checklists" that involve interaction with multiple "products" that need to work on (think about IT field services, where the work order can consist of steps that span multiple products: backup the device using product X, reimage the device using product Y etc.) and other components specific to the work order.
For them to access the knowledge and be able to use the "search" engine associated with this knowledge module, they need to go back to the actual case and lookup the knowledge article that may apply to what their work order entails, then navigate back to the work order to continue their "intervention". This creates an inefficiency in the process, as the technician has to go back and forth from case to work order etc.

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