There business scenarios where financial dimensions need to be updated on the transfer order.
and Allow blanks is unmarked for the financial dimensions. in these scenarios users have to be update the financial dimensions on the item or the main account level.
it would be good if we have the option to update the financial dimensions on the transfer order as we have in the transfer journal.
without financial dimensions being updated we get the error message while processing the transfer order

You must select a value in the Value ( ex cost center )field in combination with the following dimensions values that are valid:

MainAccount XXXXXX.

BusinessUnit XXXXX.

Department .

Dimension values were validated with this account structure:XXXXX
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Thanks for the information, we will perform internal evaluation.



I would further recommend adding ability to default dimension inventory adjustment type and at the warehouse and site level

Category: Inventory


I would furthermore recommend adding the ability to default financial dimension values from both the site as well as the warehouse level.

Category: Inventory