With the number of fields available on a product (or item), it would be ideal if we could create data entry segments governing, which fields a user role should fill in and give the user a guided data entry experience. This should be combined with a workflow where the product enrichment process is controlled. Lastly, it should be possible to define, which fields are mandatory without resorting to customisation.

Ideas Administrator

 Thank you for your feedback. We are not considering the suggestion at this time due to the following reason:

 For unique referencing of a SKU in the User interaction, we suggest to use the unique product ID instead of using a segmented entry of Item + Dimensions.

 In other context, for example Apparel, a table based selection would be needed, but this would require a complete redesign of the user interaction, and a generic segmented control might not be the solution.



Conrad Volkmann

PM, Microsoft



Dear Microsoft - I think you misunderstood the suggestion.

Category: Product Information Management