Quality management and control is functionality that has barely changed in 10 years.
The Inventory status of adv warehousing was integrated with Quality orders, we lost the quarantine order but I can't remember much innovation .
There are fundamental gaps in Quality and we have so far customized this. four key features would improve the situation drastically. We can't do these things with power apps.
1.Inspection frequency functionality. "Skip lot" called often. I want to inspect every 10th PO for a certain item/vendor combination. When I find quality problems I may switch to every 5th PO. When I have no problems I may relax to 1 in 20 PO or even no inspection at all. This is a key feature to have
2.AQL table with sample sizes. These are tables providing sample sizes for order quantities. Many customers use these.
3.Adv Warehouse- Quality order integration using locations so I can put away to different locations based on the outcome of the Quality order.
4.Automatic creation of Quality case after failure of inspection. (to make up for the loss of the quarantine order).
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Thank you for your feedback. There is no planned roadmap, we are tracking it and if we get more feedback and votes, we may consider it in the future.



I see similar problems with QM in D365 an WHS.

Point 1: I am also totally missing this possibility

Point 2: is basically implemented. The main problem here is, that the incomming quantity is not totally blocked for the time of the suspection. e.g. you get 100 pcs in and the sample size is 10%. In this case 90% is dircetly available. This causes bis processual problems if the QM-inspection fails.

Point 3: Is basically working. What I am missing is the case of a partial good and partial failed quantity. There is no kind of "split functionality" for the quality order. This would allow to transfer the good quantity into the warehouse and to rework, return or scap the faild quantity. A manual split causes lot of errors.

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