Customers could have thousands of items with some "blocked" when they are no longer used. However, those blocked items still show up in lookups when adding items to Sales Invoices which makes the list of items much longer and causes confusion as to what items are actually available. We should either not show "blocked" items since they can't be used or allow the option to hide blocked items from the Inventory look up.

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Thank you for your feedback. We released this feature as part of the Fall (October) release.



Ivan Koletic

PM, Microsoft



We would expect the same behavior from purchase documents, BOMs, and journals - yes. 

The program should exclude blocked items from search, with an option to include blocked items. Yes, it should notify that there is a similar item. 

Quickbooks does this functionality well - with inactive items. 

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Do you expect the same behavior for purchase documents, BOMs, journals?

In sales line user can enter some value in the description field, which initialize search in the item list. What is expectation for such scenario:

* should program exclude blocked items from search?

* if program doesn't find any item it suggests to create new. Should it notify user that there is similar item, but blocked?



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