Issue description – Return Sales order invoice posting with an incorrect cost. The financial cost posted for a registered batch number for return was mixed with other batch number costs from the original sales order. So after invoicing the wrong cost updated.

1. Sales order with 100 qty Packing slip and invoice.

B1 – Qty 10 – Financial Cost 150 $
B2 – Qty 10 – Financial Cost 250 $
B2 – Qty 80 – Financial Cost 2000 $

2. Return sales order created for 90 qty and Registered B2 batch number and invoiced. But financial cost updated as –

B2 - 80 qty - 2000$.
B2 - 10 qty - 150 $ ( Instead of 250$)

Total return order invoiced cost updated as 2150 $ for 90 qty.

Actual result -
The Partial wrong batch order cost was selected during financial cost posting during invoicing the return sales order.

Expected Result -
The correct registered batch number cost should be selected and posted in return sales order invoice posting.

Note - Sales order posting with multiple batch numbers was a very common scenario across the industries. So return sales order must support and post correct cost updates during invoicing.
Category: Cost Management
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