I Hello - I am able to create a new Customer Template - in which I have filled out the Dimensions that I expect all new customers to have as a default.

I am able to create new customers using Excel upload and referring the to the new Customer template.When the customers are getting created in D365 financials - I see that the Default Dimensions are not being transferred based on the template.

Any suggestions/help would be appreciated.


Jitendra Kaipa- IBM Global Business Services

Ideas Administrator

The customer template functionality has been reviewed and updated to include the associated templates.  



Hello Jitendra,

Thank you for bringing this situation to our attention. I have recreated the same scenario that you are describing and have entered this as product defect number 215383 and will be sending over to our development team to review.

To save the dimensions and values to the Customer you will need to open the customer, click Navigate, select dimensions and enter the dimensions/values for the Customer.

Jennifer Reinhardt


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We appreciate this input and have asked our Support team to reply.

Category: Data Migrations