BAI2 bank statement formats, according to ANSI X9 was never really a "standard" in ANSI terms) for bank statements, but BTRS V3 is the most recent standard for exchange of bank statement data.

There seem to be modest differences between BTRS and BAI2 but the BAI2 ER loader does not work for some banks where they have adopted BTRS.

Providing a BTRS Electronic Reporting load would make it clearer to partners and customers the limitations of the current BAI2 loader (GER for which is in preview).

For us, the "02" record in BAI2 will default to "USD" if no currency is provided (per BAI2 spec) but BTRS says that a currency code at "02" level is not appropriate and so is not required. Our UK bank does not provide a currency code on the "02" per BTRS and so the preview ER for BAI2 assigns a currency code of USD, causing validation errors.

This didn't seem to be an issue with the XSLT/DMF loader which happily loads our GBP statements as GBP, but the XSLT/DMF BAI2 load will be deprecated from Sept 2022.


BTRS V3 spec (see V3 notes on Page 6)