Hi Brian,
Thanks for sharing this one.
We are starting to implement marketing module in my company, and the email reporting is so so frustrating.
There is no Dashboard. You have to check each email details of your customer.
Do you have any updates?


I agree with Mariano and Tim,
However, I could see why this got declined by Microsoft.. allowing to run those processes outside of GP could lead to some unexpected results if someone is working in GP while this runs.
Especially when those process get scheduled to run overnight, and there is no mechanism in place to prevent users to login into GP.. (aside of putting the companies in maintenance mode).


I completely agree. Service is a very good functionality.
The "Amount" section in Document Pages (Service Invoice, Service Order etc.) as shown on Sales Quotes, Sales Orders etc. should also be added.



I have tried it in the preview and it works really really great!

A very big thank you! :-)


Very disappointing to see that this industry standard and basic feature is till missing and not part of D365 . From the last more than a decade we have been customizing this gap or using some add for workarounds. What's the point of having email template when it cannot be linked to print management.


Hi Microsoft Product Teams,

I think this feature is quite useful for all customer who use D365 on premise.
Impossible for our customer to go to classic mode to access the campaign modules.
quite complex for user to use it.
Very bad UX.

We suggest campaign modules can be accessed from UCI mode


It would be great to organized this window like it is in Order planning and make correction into Order planning page to get the order tracking.

Because, we try to use planning worksheet to create assembly order and then order planning to purchase. We have realized if we are using order planning and Planning worksheet to create purchase order, that the purchase order is suggested again in planning worksheet even if it was already done, receive and used per example in an assembly bom that was created first with order planning. Big problem for purchasing that could purchase in double for the same requirement. The tracking order (sales or jobs) is not linked and reserved on order planning.

A sorting on every colomn would be great. Also the possibility to add Job number, job task, order tracking information into this window.

Improvement with Job would be nice to bring the dimension information in job card and lines into the planning worksheet to better have a overview of all items to purchase for a job with their specific dimension value and location. This is why a suggestion to bring dimension on job is needed for purchasing and be filtered.

Thank you


Hello Johan,
Thank you for reaching out!
We recently released a new Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app to iOS and Android app stores that focus on salespeople and streamline core business scenarios, like the one suggested.

We encourage you to try it out, for more information -

Stay tuned to future app releases for more capabilities and exciting features. 
The Dynamics Sales team


Guess what? now that's implemented in GP, believe it or not, but some users don't like it, especially when working on large wide screen (panoramic), it looks ugly and takes un-necessary screen estate.. This is a nice feature, but forced down to the end-user without having a choice..
Ideally, you should be allowed thru a DEX.ini settings to disable that maximized output so the user still has the choice.
Thanks for considering this in an upcoming release.


I second that this issue is not completed.

Many/most apps that potentially reach AppSource start as the result of concrete a customer need (Customer A).
I might realize that this need applies to many customers, in which case I would consider going for AppSource.

Unfortunately, doing so means I cannot actually test or deploy the app to Customer A until the entire AppSource validation process has been completed.
The only workaround I have is that I have to renumber all objects to the PTE-range such that I can install it at Customer A. Now this customer cannot receive any upgrades though, once the app finally hits AppSource.