When you're importing and apply a large Configuration Package it can take a while to validate often to report hundreds of similar errors. It would save time and process cycles to have a 'stop on first error' package setting so that you can get an error, sort it out and start the process again.

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Thank you for your suggestion.

We will consider this functionality for a future release. Best regards.

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Or just have a cancel option somewhere in the process. It could take hours before it finishes, and you already see the errors counting up.

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I create a separate package so I can send all the errors to excel and then sort and filter them as needed in BC SaaS. This allows me to see all errors in all packages or filter to specific tables, etc.

1. Create a package called Errors, set the Exclude Config/. Tables to False (or import the pre-created error package on SharePoint)
2. Add table 8617
3. Export to Excel and you can now see all the errors for every record in all packages

Category: Data Migrations