[Actual Results]
When you merge duplicate records, the user who created the master record becomes the owner, and the creator of the child record no longer has ownership.
Also, any contacts, activities, notes, opportunities, and other child custom entity records that were registered in the original records are merged into the master record and cannot be left in the original records.

[Expected Results]
Customer should be able to set the person who registered the activity details and memos as the owner.
Also, it should be possible to leave those data with the original record even after merging instead of automatically linking them to the master record.
Category: Lead Management
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Revathi Sankar

PM, D365 Sales




Merge does not work properly, when I merge two accounts all activities related to the child gets altered: change of who did the activity as well as when the activity occurred. We need the owner of the activities and the date to stay unchanged after merge.

Category: Lead Management