In other entities in the integration, future records are not sent through in the integration, I.e. an employee with a start date in the future is not sent through.
However, a position with a duration activation date in the future IS sent through - but without information from the position details. Which will cause the integration to fail, as jobid and department id are mandatory fields.
Workaround of course is to filter these records out in the integration - but it should be handled in the standard integration. And the standard integration must make sure, that once the activation date is reached, the missing information on the position is sent through to D365FO.
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Thank you for your suggestion. We’re considering this functionality for a future release. This posting is provided “as is” with no warranties, and confers no rights.



Hi, that cause also problem with integration of inactive position. When you retire a position, activation field in JobPosition in CDS is empty (as HR workers retire positions after the retirement day). Then 1. there are errors "activation field must be field" 2. position is not retired in FO. Thanks a lot.

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