The Project Group concept from FO should be carried forward to CE to allow the classification of Projects into types such as 'Customer', 'Internal', 'Overhead' etc and also affect postings if required. Tthis is a bit wider and it does not only affect project accounting. Projects get created in CE not FO and the Project group needs to be assigned at project creation as it also needs to drive the prefix of the project id so a project's group/type is immediately obvious. I have implemented this with a flow that sets the prefix according to project group. Also CE views need to be specific to the project type(group) . Beyond that the group also has a role in processing on CE. For example what needs to be entered on a timesheet is driven by Project group.

This would require teh following which are all doable in customisation but I think this should be in the product:
The FO Project Group should be added to CE Projects. The Project Group should be added as an entity to CE, a lookup to this entity should be added to the CE projects entity and exposed in the Projects Information form. The entity and field needs to be added to Dual Write.
Category: General