As per current system design-
System update accounting distribution for stocked item if default dimension changed. and it merge accounting distribution with non empty financial dimension for non stocked item. Thus that’s why the accounting distribution couldn’t be updated for procurement category.

Because of this behavior, accounting distribution for PO with non-stocked item doesn't get updated, if default dimension changed.
Which I feel is a big gap as per design. Business Users who specially deals with PO with Procurement Categories, doesn't have any functionality to update the accounting distribution on update of Dimension values.
Because of which system throw the error, in case any of dimension value has been Disabled by the administrator and there is no process to update, rather than go all the way to change request for PO, again take whole workflow approval, till it get Invoiced with updated Fin-Dims.
So, I would suggest to update the Design and make use of provided Reset Button or Batch-job for updating accounting distribution for both Stocked as well as Non-Stocked.
Looking forward for this change to help make D365 user friendly application.
Category: User Experience
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