Ledger settlements enable user to create an overview of due amount on ledger accounts. This functionality is mainly used by accountants to prepare balance sheet specifications. However when accountants are trying to prepair annual reports, they can't request this information historically. AX will only provide an overview of which amount aren't settled. By adding the 'last settlement date' column, accountants are able to account for the balance position at eg. 31-12-2016. 

The 'settlement date' value should be populated with the highest transdate value of the ledger transactions selected in the ledger settlement (last date of the ledger transactions with the same settlementId).

This column can be added to the LedgerTrans table and or LedgerTransSettlement table. I guess this depends on the way this functionality gets embedded elsewhere. Visualizing this column might be useful as, one or more older transactions slip in the ledger settlement. It makes it easier to spot errors and also clarifies the progression of the account. 

It's a minor adjustment but provides great insight.

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Thank you for the feedback!  We will consider this for future releases.  Kristi, Microsoft PM



Hi Sil. We added a settlement date on the new advanced ledger settlement form in 8.1.1. Please take a look at that feature and see if it helps with this idea. You can enable it with the new Ledger settlement tab in the G/L parameters

Category: General Ledger


I had to implement this feature for a customer on AX 2009. Additionally to adding the field in table LedgerTransSettlement, I had to enhence the report LedgerDimensionTransStatement, so that the user may select the cutoff date until which settled transactions must not be shown. This was quite a challenge, but it is neccessary to make this functionality really useful. Such a functionality was needed by me in France, when I printed the ledger account statements for external Accountants. In that report, I also had to show the settlement number (which is present in the LedgerTransSettlement table.

Category: General Ledger