When navigating in GP and utilizing the Area Pages (such as Purchasing, Sales, Financial) all of the Fixed Asset navigation is under Financial. So when you open up the Financial Area Page, you see both Financial Items (like GL, Bank Rec, etc...) but then you also see Fixed Assets separately. This appears to be the only place that comes to mind where it is like that. For example, if you navigate in GP using the traditional menu systems (i.e. Transactions, Inquiry, Reports, Cards) then Fixed Assets is it's own menu selection. So for example, to do a fixed Asset retirement, you go to Transactions>>Fixed Assets>>Retire, not Transactions>>Financial>>Fixed Assets>>Retire. What sense does it make to have it grouped under financial?

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Thank you for the suggestion, we will consider it for a future release. 

Jodi Christiansen
PM, Microsoft 


I 100% agree, and was going to make this suggestion myself!!

Category: Financials - Fixed Assets