If you disable quick create on standard system entities in CRM 2013 SP1, you will intermittently receive the following error when creating records:
"Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again, or restart the app. Error Code: 0X0."
Microsoft support confirmed that this is due to quick create forms being disabled in support case #114061711542708.

this is bad for several reasons:
1. This limitation is not documented, and there is potential for many users to find themselves with this error with no explanation of what is causing it and nothing showing in the trace logs.
2. There are some very valid reasons to disable quick create. Biggest one is if you have an entity like opportunities where you need to create the record and then immediately add related records. with quick create enabled, you have to close the record then reopen it to add related records like opportunity products. By enabling quick create for the tablet app, you force users of all interfaces to use quick create, making it more cumbersome to create complex records with relationships.

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Thank you for your feedback. We need some more details to understand your suggestion better. Can you please detail the exact repro steps? Sincerely, Daniel Dallala PM, Microsoft

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