Customer keeps on rescheduling demand ,sometimes with pull and sometime with a push to original date.
with a business where we have 10+ level of BOM, a single sales line push has a cascading effect on purchasing team. if they do not reschedule original PO, either will get parts too early or late.
therefore Rescheduling is one essential part of their job every day, problem is when we have change Management activated "Workflow". buyers cannot just push Accept action and move on , they have to go one by one on Po's and bring them to draft , Manually change dates on Po and send for re approval.
its not worth of effort with 100 of action per buyer ,they have to manually do these changes .

can you think of overriding the check of workflow if the change is coming from Apply Actions from Action Messages . I was surprised that no one has asked for this change yet.
Category: Planning
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