I am relatively new to Dynamics 365, but a long-time user of Windows keyboard shortcuts. While editing a text field during form testing I wanted to move the insertion point from within a block of text to the end of the field, and pressed Ctrl+End to do so.

Imagine my amazement when, instead, I found myself editing a completely different record, which turned out to be the last one in the database. Similarly, Ctrl+Home took me from edit mode within any given record to the first record in the database. Google found me a list of Dynamics 365 shortcuts (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/unified-operations/fin-and-ops/get-started/shortcut-keys) and, sure enough, this is intended/expected behaviour.

Every other 'standard' Microsoft keyboard shortcut (e.g. Ctrl+A/C/V/X) I've tried in Dynamics 365 has behaved exactly as I expected: even Shift+Ctrl+Home/End selects text from the insertion point to the start/end of the form field currently being edited. Why use shortcuts which already have an established function for something so different? It occurs to me that Alt+Home/End are not 'assigned' (or, at least, not to my knowledge) - why not make these the keyboard shortcuts to jump to first/last record?
Category: User Experience