This is an idea for both background workflows in Dynamics and power automation.
When configuring a service that has lookups to entity records, these break when deploying between instances i.e from DEV to TEST to PRODUCTION. This is because they look up using GUIDS which are likely not to be the same in the other instance. When deploying all the workflows affected have to have the lookups re-looked up before they can be activated.
To get round this we have had to build custom workflow actions that look up the entity record via a text string and this is then used in the lookup field. We are then able to deploy without having to reconfigure. We use this as a standard build principle and have over 85 customer service processes built to date.
Microsoft ought to use this principle to avoid users of dynamics and power automation having to reconfig between instances.
ALSO I would like to see the addition of the ability to Get an Entity record out of the box to be able to look up related records and pull fields in workflows. We have to write custom workflow actions each time to do this.
Needs Votes