As an example, reports like 11200 Balance sheets can be send to Excel.
The Excel file included fixed rows for better scrolling.
It would be much better to extend the fixed rows to have the row description added to the fixed rows.
This problem happens on many other report which can be send to Excel.

Current situation:
Here the "fix row" is set on row 5.
When you now scroll down the report the column header (No. Name etc.) are not fixed.

Set the "fix row" on row 8, so that the row header is fixed during scrolling.

This suggestion does is not specific for report 11200, but needs to be optimized for mostly all report which can be sent to Excel.
Under Review
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback. We are considering adding it to our longer term roadmap.

Your help is greatly appreciated,
Mike Borg Cardona
Program Manager, Microsoft