When trying to transfer existing Inspections from customer we often face the problem that the existing Inspections are built as an Excel table with several columns which always have a Question in column A and Columns B-... with the needed input (e.g. Yes/No - Value - Comment).

While this is possible to be built with the Designer, it is not very User friendly at export having:

  1. Input Voltage Checked? - Yes
  2. Value? - 230V
  3. Comment: Everything fine
  4. Output Voltage Checked? - Yes
  5. Value? - 12,5V
  6. Comment: Too high
  7. Question 3
  8. Answer 3
  9. Comment 3
  10. Question 4
  11. ....

The Customer getting this Inspection report is having a bad experience reading this protocol this way.

Instead it should be possible to have some kind of Table format

  1. Question 1 - Answer 1 - Other Column - Other Column - ...
  2. Question 2 - Answer 2 - Other Column - Other Column - ...
  3. Question 3 - Answer 3 - Other Column - Other Column - ...

But as we cannot define the labels for the first column, a User would always need to type in the Questions in column 1 each time he fills an Inspection.

A Flag to have first Column fixed and then define the amount of rows and be able to define the first column row labels (equal to defining the column labels) would already be enough to depict the most common requirements to Inspections coming from Excel.

Ideally more Excel like features (e.g. merge cells) would enhance the feature way more, but I can understand the complexity for this to be too much without revamping the whole Matrix feature.

Category: Inspections