Currently there is no consistent key between a Fixed Asset retirement and/or retirement and the G/L posting table FA00902.

This means that in reporting, particular when trying to follow the G/L from the subledger, there is no way to properly link a retirement and/or retirement to the date that transaction was posted to G/L.

A very common request for FA reporting is a schedule of transfers in/out & retirements over a period. This is currently (GP2018) impossible to do without a better link between the FA transaction and the GL posting table.

A column like "Source Document" in FA00902 table that referenced RETIREMENTEVENT or TRANSFEREVENT could be a start. If a company were posting in summary instead of detail... Another table that links transaction to GL posting batch would likely be needed...

Once linked to FA00902 table, adding the G/L posting date to the transaction inquiry would make sense as the G/L posting date appears on just about every other transaction inquiry window in GP...
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