Suggested Sat, 03 Mar 2018 10:33:06 GMT by Shawn Dorward, MVPUnder Review
Category: System

Why oh WHY do I have to resize the print preview window every time I run a report to the screen?  This seems like a simple fix and would save 1000's of click and drags... maybe even every day! :)

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Hi Shawn,

Great suggestion. We will consider this for a future release.

Jodi Christiansen

PM, Microsoft

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  • YES!!!
  • Yes, please!
  • This feature was actually added to GP Power Tools a couple of weeks before Shawn posted it here. It is included in the latest hotfix release.
  • Agree, this would be a time saver!
  • Love it!
  • Agree!
  • This is a great suggestion. Something that just about every GP user does every day.

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