A Dynamics customer should have the ability to configure Push notifications for POS notifications. e.g. a store generates a sales order with fulfilment from another store. That store receives a notification to accept the order through the POS. HQ should be able to setup a Push notification to the phone of the store manager or other store associate.

The process should be configurable for Flow, and extendible for other technologies. Alternatively, or in parallel, why not have the notion of "notification devices" managed by HQ or the store manager, which themselves have a "light" Retail app to receive notifications. This could replace the old PA "store announcements" and be used to call to a store associate from any POS (broadcasting), like an IM. In fact why not integrate Teams while we are at it?!
Ideas Administrator

Thanks for your feedback. This is currently not in our immediate roadmap due to other higher priority work. We will continue to monitor votes to determine if this should be prioritized into our product backlog.