The publishing of Work Breakdown Structures is taking an extremely long time to process. If there are more than 200 WBSs on a Project and you create a new WBS it can take over 1 minute to publish. As we create hundreds of WBSs on a weekly basis this is having a major impact on the efficiency of our business. We have several Projects with 200+ WBSs and these numbers are only increasing and therefore publishing time is becoming slower for more and more Projects. Microsoft have said this is working by current design. I would strongly recommend that this design needs to be reviewed and recreated. The current design is not efficient for end users who use this task on a daily basis and find it very frustrating to have to wait several minutes to create one or two WBSs. Regardless of the number of WBSs on a Project we are only creating a single WBS and from user’s perspective this should be instant.

Under Review
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback. I'll keep this for our backlog. We have added a batch process for publishing.


Kim Nelson

PM, Microsoft