Regarding the Microsoft Learn post on optimizing Financial Journal Posting Performance in Dynamics 365 via lines limit, this functionality is designed to operate through batch processing. It can be applied to general journals and customer/vendor payment journals. However, it should be noted that this feature is not applicable to fixed asset journals due to the absence of batch posting capabilities in that context.

PS. The same is related for project journals.

It would be great to have the possibility to post project and fixed asset journals via batch job.

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We do need the "Post in batch" function in Fixed Asse Journals. It's a bit silly when users are prompted to post in batch, but the option is not being made available. Instead, we have to use the "Post journals' function, which itself has a defect where you must use the "Select" query instead of ticking (selecting) the lines that you wanted to post as the system will ignore your selection here and post all the journals listed instead

There should be no need for a vote for this as this should have been made available when feature is turned-on by default

Category: Development