With the Engineering Change management functionality added to the solution, we can better support companies that have an 'Engineering' process in place. A lot of companies already have some other PLM/PDM solution in place, mostly used to manage the BOMs or Formulas. This PLM/PDM is also typically the 'master' solution for the Engineering products. However, sometimes changes that required to those products may arise from D365 FO (production, sales, purchase,..) In that situation, we would create a Engineering Change Request (in D365 FO) and like to send it to the PLM/PDM where the engineers will investigate and create a Engineering Change 'Order' (in PLM/PDM). They will do the necessary changes to the products and BOMs and send the results back to D365 FO. We would receive those changes in D365 FO as a Engineering Change Order and process the order subsequently in D365 FO.

Focus can be on the BOMs/Forula's as in most situations, the 'routes' are not going to be maintained in the external PLM/PDM system.

Therefore: we need an entity to Export all information from the EC Request and an entity to import an EC Order (with all related changes included)
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Thanks for your input! If it gets voted, we will consider adding it to our long term backlog.


Beatriz Nebot Gracia

Program Manager, Microsoft



This would also be helpful in cases where the Engineering team is building EBOM (Engineering BOMs) within the PLM/PDM but there are components that will never be transacted on in lower level subassemblies. They could bring in the EBOM and make adjustments to convert to an MBOM (Manufacturing BOM) within the ECO. This will help avoid creating/maintaining lower level component parts within a purchased BOM that are just used by the Engineering teams design for the vendor.

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