The dimension display behavior is unacceptable.
For example: in BOM lines the default is to display Configuration , color size ,etc.
The vast majority of customers do NOT use these. They should default to NOT display.
The inventory adjustment screen behaves the same.
Worse is that when you have unchecked these boxes, and saved it, you come back to that screen the next day, and they are all checked again.
It is very frustrating. The bug declared for this was never accepted.
The dimension display behavior needs to be completely reconsidered. I suggested this before.
Make it system global per user..
It would be vast difference. A next step was to link it to the item definition. If an item is entered in a transaction, the system checks which dimensions in this item are used. Site and warehouse and location for all normal items is a given, then maybe batch or serial. The system should display what is mandatory for the item.
A very simple idea.
Category: Inventory
Needs Votes