A Purchase order P1 with ATP is created and a Sales order S1 is processed from second purchase order P2. The marking between these 2 (S1 and P2) orders is confirmed but the ATP is based on the P1 instead of P2. Once a new sales order S2 is created and the ATP is checked and quantity becomes physical reserved , the dates are not calculated correctly as it does not consider the marked purchase and the confirmed delivery date is based on the second purchase order P2 (marked to another sales order).  - Issue: Calculated confirmed delivery date (ATP) ignores marking and keeps its’ own logic compared to the actual logic that the order will use o Sales order 1 does not get at delivery date that is connected to the order is marked to. o Sales order 2 does not get a delivery date that is aligned with the physical reservation, instead it gets a delivery date connected to a purchase order that is actually marked and ordered reserved to another sales order. - Expected behavior: ATP should take marking into consideration when calculating delivery dates

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