Problem: When an outbound transfer order is created through the Outbound Operations POS screen, the packing slip is not printing at any stage of creation, submission, shipment, and final fulfillment. Manual navigation and print is required if a physical packing slip needs to be printed. D365 POS should auto-print packing slips at the process step below:

When the order is being shipped out of the store, and the user selects the 'Finish fulfillment' button. The POS confirms the fulfillment by submitting the TO shipment for approval at HQ. At this moment, the packing slip should print, as the container/box that is physically being used at the store to ship the items will be closed, and should have a packing slip in it.

Ideas Administrator

Thanks for your feedback. This is addressed in quality update KB 767874. We enhanced Outbound inventory, Inventory adjustment and Inventory movement operations in POS to ensure they respect the "always print" setting of corresponding receipt format, and automatically trigger receipt printing after submitted inventory document is successfully processed in HQ. - Boyce Zhu, Principal Product Manager for Dynamics 365 Commerce