Please consider the following suggestion as the Data Management Feature to upload bank statements using XSLT transformation has been deprecated.

During the import based on ISO20022 camt.054 GER configuration, in case of an entry without "Ntry" "NtryDtls" "TxDtls" the process fails with following error: There are no transaction details under entry. Entry reference XXXXXXX.

Maybe a warning message to notify in case of missing transaction details, but the transaction should be imported. Even if no transaction details in the import file, some transactions are a batch transactions like employee salary payments and the file will have no transaction details.

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A batch transaction is having batch transaction details like MessageId, PaymentInformationId, ... We need this information in Dynamics.

Transform a batch transaction Btch into a TxDtls is the way to go we think, instead of only a warning.

Category: Cash and bank management