Most of our customers want to use the Expense management Mobile App to record expenses. The unattached receipts is also one of the functionalities that they wish to use. Though when the unattached receipts have been synchronized to the form in D365. The great help would be to be able to directly add the unattached receipts to the expense report form, like it is already possible to directly add the unattached expense lines (also deriving from e.g. Mobile App) to the Expense report.
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback. We will release this feature as part of the functionality in the improved expense management entry experience. This feature will be available approximately June 2019. Formal documentation will be available on docs.microsoft.com once available. 

The new solution will have the abilty to add unattached receipts at the time of creating an expense report, attaching from the workspace at any time, or using a dedicated receipt screen for easier line-level matching. 

Ryan Sandness
Program Manager, Microsoft




Category: Expense management