Ability to have managers write off inventory at the POS. Many customers use their own inventory as sample or tester products for the floor or a product is damaged. That currently requires the Store manager to track the items being adjusted and fix the inventory in the back office. Allowing the manager to do this at the POS would give them more flexibility to keep the inventory levels as accurate as possible.

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Thank you for the product suggestion! We will continue to monitor this idea and the votes to determine if it will be given a position in our backlog.  -Holly Haines, Principal Program Manager



I agree with the idea of Douglas. But would like to take it one step further and extend the ask.

It is indeed correct that making inventory adjustments from the POS is often requested by customers.

However, we also need to take the Advanced WMS integration into account and for this reason it would also be relevant to make inventory status changes from te POS.

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