Topics triggers should not trigger from within itself. In other words, if a trigger phrase starts topic A, all the topic A trigger phrases should be ignored until the topic is complete. Here is a scenario that would pose a problem: Trigger Phrases - I have a problem with billing. - I cannot pay my bill. - I get an error when paying my bill. Bot starts chat and asks information to try to log a ticket. Bot asks for a detailed description to add to the ticket content. User types in: "I get an error when paying my bill. The error appears after I enter my address information saying an invalid character is in my address." This triggers the process to start the topic that is already in progress to restart - user cannot provide details to complete the user flow. Please allow this to be ignored either by default or by option per topic.
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Thanks for your suggestion. We have moved this over to the new Power Virtual Agents Ideas page here: https://powerusers.microsoft.com/t5/Power-Apps-Ideas/Topic-trigger-phrases-should-not-trigger-from-within-its-own/idi-p/399060#M28365



Hey Jan, thanks for posting this problem on the forum.

We're aware, in some use cases, trigger another topic in the middle of a conversation in the current topic could introduce some pitfalls. Like what you proposed, we're working on a fix for it. Once I have an update on it, I'll post it back here to give you a heads up.

Just one more quick clarification - in your case, are you saying in the middle of the current topic (say "topic a"), it triggers the current topic ("topic a") again, or triggers another topic (say "topic b")? Also, have you built any workaround for it today?

Thanks again for providing feedback to the product.


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