Would love to have the option to print the payer copy for record keeping and reporting purposes. Need more space on the new 1099 form for address and association names that are longer than current settings. A typical form has 2 lines for address information.

Ideas Administrator

On 18.6 all the forms with lines for 1099.  I don't think it matters much what the copy states at the bottom.

Microsoft Dynamics GP October 2023 - ALL Payables 1099 forms print with LINES and BOXES!!

Here is also the blog for year end on payables form printing for you.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Year-End Update 2023: Payables Management Form changes

Last the requirement this year is if you print more than 10 forms in the company, all up, W2's, 1099 etc.

You have to file electronically.

This is noted in the blog below to help you prepare for it


Terry Heley