Currently, if you have the feature "Ability to create purchase order request in POS" enabled, any worker who can receipt a purchase order on Store Commerce can add un-planned items to that order. This is unless you activate change management for POs, and then no one can add un-planned items to the POs. This is very binary and perhaps a more controlled approach could be as below.

  1. Have a permission setting in the POS permission groups to allow/prevent adding un-planned items to POs on POS.
  2. Restrict the addition of un-planned product to only where that PO vendor is an approved vendor for that product.
  3. Have the addition of an un-planned product to a PO on POS trigger a purchase order line workflow to allow the appropriate group to accept/reject the addition to the PO.
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Thanks for the feedback. We will continue to monitor the votes to determine its consideration into our feature backlog. - Boyce Zhu, Principal Product Manager for Dynamics 365 Commerce