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Companies are from physical and transaction based products to subscription based services. A Modern cloud based ERP/Financial solution should support management and invoicing of subscription services

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  • Not saying it is perfect (far from even) but what about Service Contracts?
    Note: I am looking at BC On Prem
  • Have a look at SUBSCRIPTION BILLING SUITE for Dynamics 365 Business Central by Binary Stream Software on the appsouce and have a free trial.
  • For subscription billing there should be
    1. start date and end date
    2. frequency of billing e.g. Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly.
    3. to automatically generate by Job Queue instead of manually triggered

    4. able to cancel/ terminate the subscription in any period.
  • Has this made it to prime time yet? Also, revenue recognition needs to be bolstered with the release of subscription type invoicing.
  • Jodi, Can you tell me more about the plans?

    Currently I am developing an app for recurring / subscription based invoicing. So, I would like to know what Microsoft is planning to release.

  • Yes please.  We are about to migrate from Xero which has reoccurring invoicing and handles our Dynamics 365 licensing and support contract monthly payments well.

  • Hello,

    Thanks for your feedback. We do have plans to add recurring invoices or subscription based invoicing to Dynamics 365 for Financials in the near future.

    Jodi Christiansen