CRM WebAPI supports Odata 4.0 standards, and from CRM interface, we can download it's WSDL and Odata metadata files so far. It would be nice to provide open API Specification file that we can import into Postman or Azure API Management tool, to integrate all EndPoints that Architects/Developers/QA/Testers can start utilizing it. Please correct me if I am wrong.

I was looking for any ways to convert these files to Open API Specification file format or is there any way we can directly download those files by using any tools.I tried using odata metadata file using apimatic.io (www.apimatic.io/transformer ) tool to convert but did not have any luck. There are lots of converters that convert API spec/doc/blueprint/wsdl/xml/json files into postman compatible import files, but seems like Dynamics 365 0Data metadata file does not work for those conversations.
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